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Slide rail system for aeration diffusers and mixers

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5421383.

A light weight apparatus for introducing a gas or liquid from a supply source into an open-topped liquid treatment tank includes an elongated support rail mounted in the tank, and a fluid delivery pipe assembly having at least one nozzle at the bottom end thereof, and a union at the top end thereof for connecting the pipe assembly with the fluid supply source. The pipe assembly is supported on the rail by spacers when the assembly is in a lowered position in which the at least one nozzle is disposed within the tank and the top end of the pipe assembly is aligned with the union. The spacers allow the pipe assembly to be axially translated along the rail, when the pipe assembly is disconnected from the supply source, between the lowered position and a raised position in which the at least one nozzle is removed from the tank for cleaning or repair.

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