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Self service cart system

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5418354.

A self service cart system is provided to speed throughput at a check out counter and thus reduce space devoted to check out counters. The cart comprises a bar code scanner for acquiring a price and a description of a product, a security scanner for converting a tag from an unsecured state to a secured state, a magnetic card reader for activating the cart and a controller. The controller stores the price and description of all products in a store and keeps a running total of the price of the products scanned and placed in the cart and coordinates the various activities of the various parts of the cart system. An inventory control computer is connected to the cart's controller at the check out counter to down load the price and description of the products scanned. The products then pass through a security sensor which determines if the products are in the secured state and raises an alarm if the products are in the unsecured state.

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