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Multi-level game apparatus, interfacing pieces, and method of play

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5409234.

A four dimensional game and a three dimensional apparatus (10) used for playing the game are disclosed. The game consists of a playing field divided into playing zones (420) of equal receptivity to all playing tokens, there being at least two mutually distinguishable groups of playing tokens. In a preferred embodiment, the game is played on a three dimensional playing field. Players place three or more distinct kinds of playing tokens one-per-turn onto the initially empty playing field according to a continuous and sequential order, such that the kind of token added to the playing field is governed entirely by the given turn in a manner known and predictable to all players. Each token, as evident by its shape, occupies either an entire playing zone or a distinct portion of a playing zone, such that different kinds of playing tokens, whether belonging to the same player or to different players, may occupy the same playing zone provided that no two of these playing tokens occupy any same distinct portion of the given playing zone. The object of the game is to attain a winning alignment (500) of playing tokens, wherein a winning alignment comprises a straight and contiguous line of playing zones all containing tokens of one player which occupy the same distinct portion of each playing zone therein. The fourth or temporal dimension of the game is manifest through the continuous and sequential application onto the playing field of distinctly different, yet compositionally interrelated, playing tokens, whereby time is particularized into predictable and significantly distinct units, much as height, width, and depth are particularized into predictable and significantly distinct units on the three dimensional playing field. The three dimensional playing field apparatus comprises rigid and transparent playing boards (400) being held in a stacked configuration by a two-piece, interlocking, hinge-like support frame (100 & 200), the entire apparatus being both markedly easy to assemble and disassemble and markedly accessible for the placement of playing tokens thereon, representing a significant improvement over previous apparatuses designed for similar games.

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