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Apparatus for processing an animal half carcass to recover loin and ribs

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5407384.

An apparatus for separating a loin and ribs from a carcass half that incorporates a scribe saw assembly immediately in advance of a loin knife for the purpose of cutting through the ribs of the carcass. This scribe saw assembly is mounted from the lever arm of a roller, the roller being biased against the surface of a carcass and moving vertically with response to that surface. Thus, the scribe saw assembly also moves vertically in unison with the roller. The scribe saw blade creates a kerf for passage of a portion of the blade of the loin puller. Provision is made so that the lateral orientation of the blade of the saw corresponds to the lateral orientation of the portion of the loin knife that is to pass through the cut ribs. When the position of the loin knife is changed, the lateral position of the saw blade is changed accordingly. The apparatus also provides for the flattening of remaining ribs and the separation of these flattened ribs from the rib fat of the carcass half after the removal of the loin. To further assist in orienting a carcass with regard to the scribe saw, the loin knife and the rib-fat separating knife, the apparatus is provided with an orientation side plate against which the carcass half moves through the apparatus.

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