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Inclined automatic meat trimmer apparatus and method

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5399118.

The inclined automatic trimmer apparatus of the present invention includes a base frame and trimming blade mounted on the base frame for trimming unwanted material from the meat product. A feed conveyor is situated forwardly of the trimming blade for transporting the meat product to the trimming blade. A feed roller is mounted on the base frame adjacent the trimming blade to receive the meat product transported by the feed conveyor and to advance the meat product into trimming engagement with the trimming blade. A press roller is mounted on the base frame for rotating the meat in trimming engagement with the trimming blade. The feed roller trimming blade and press roller all form a "V" shaped trough for receiving the meat product. The method of the present invention includes providing an automatic trimmer having a feed conveyor, a feed roller and a trimming blade, placing a meat product to be trimmed on the feed conveyor, advancing the meat product on the feed conveyor to the feed roller means and rolling the meat product in a generally stationary position in the "V" shaped trough and in trimming engagement with the trimming blade for circumferential trimming of a layer of material therefrom.

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