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Article transferring/wrapping apparatus

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5392586.

An apparatus has an article sending-side first rotary wheel and an article receiving-side second rotary wheel. These rotary wheels are disposed adjacent to each other and are rotated in opposite directions at the same peripheral velocity. A plurality of heads are disposed on each of the rotary wheels. These heads are rotatably provided to the rotary wheels. The heads of the first rotary wheel and the heads of the second rotary wheel are maintained to oppose each other while they pass a transfer section as a portion in which the rotary heads are adjacent to each other. Plates for holding an article are provided to these heads. When the heads of the second rotary wheel move through the transfer section, the plates of these heads are open to transfer the article from the heads of the first rotary wheel to the heads of the second rotary wheel.

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