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Production of high quality maple syrup

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5389209.

A process for making a light color maple syrup from a water-containing sap. In a first step, the sap is boiled under normal pressure to evaporate part of the water contained therein in the form of steam, to form the maple syrup and to develop caramelized and sweet characteristics and give flavor and a tinted color to this maple syrup. In a second step, the sap is heated at a temperature lower than the boiling temperature of the sap and atomized through an air circulating column to evaporate another part of the water contained therein. This second step which can be carried out before the first one, permits to concentrate the sap, to increase its sugar content and to avoid further caramelization thereof. The sap which is so obtained with an increased sugar content, may be recycled as long as necessary until a desired sugar concentration corresponding to a predetermined Brix number is reached.

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