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Telephone apparatus using a detachable memory device

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5384834.

A telecommunication apparatus adapted to be used with a detachable memory device is disclosed. The detachable memory device such as an IC card are capable of storing information relating to a particular user. When the detachable memory device is connected to the apparatus, the apparatus retrieves information relating to the particular user out of the detachable memory device. Thereafter, the apparatus may perform one or more of functions on the basis of the retrieved information. When the detachable memory device is connected to the telecommunication apparatus, the apparatus detects the presence of identification information stored in the detachable memory device. In the event that the identification information is not detected, the apparatus provides an indication to a user so as to request the user to enter an identification information. After that, if an identification information is entered into the apparatus by the user, the entered identification number is sent to the detachable memory device and stored therein under the control of the apparatus. On the other hand, in the event that the identification information is detected, the apparatus provides an indication representative of the detected identification information to the user of the apparatus.

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