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Spectrally dispersive imaging lidar system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5384589.

An imaging UV/visible fluorosensing and Raman lidar system comprises an optical sensor for simultaneously measuring temporally, spatially and spectrally resolved laser backscatter from on the land, on or beneath the surface of bodies of water and in the atmosphere that utilizes "active" interrogation or "passive" interrogation for remotely and non-destructively probing the spectrally-dependent optical properties of a scene. In the "active" mode, the optical sensor comprises a transmitter (preferably a tunable solid state laser) which emits pulses of coherent light through a variable or adjustable field-of-view telescope whereupon the light pulses are then propagated towards a scene (e.g., land, sea or atmosphere). Thereafter, laser backscatter is collected by a second variable field-of-view telescope and directed to an imaging system and spectrally dispersive optical subsystem.

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