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Electrical appliance powered by an incorporated rechargeable battery

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5380602.

A rechargeable battery is utilized in many kinds of electrical appliances. However, as the battery contains harmful substances such as cadmium, it is not desired to discard the electrical appliances with the rechargeable battery from a standpoint of prevention of environmental pollution. An electrical appliance powered by an incorporated rechargeable battery of the present invention is capable of effectively engaging a tool for separating the battery from the appliance. That is to say, at least one of negative and positive electrodes of the rechargeable battery is connected to a terminal strip by spot welding. An electrical power of the battery is supplied to a circuit for operating the appliance through the terminal strip. The terminal strip also has an opening which is formed so as to engage a tool for separating the battery from the terminal strip. Therefore, when the appliance is discarded, the battery can be easily and safety separated form the electrical appliance by applying an external force to the tool engaged into the opening.

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