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Rhythm creating system for creating a rhythm pattern from specifying input data

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #5369217.

Rhythm patterns are created by producing primitive data not having any fixed meaning and by associating the primitive data with desired creating parameters among a plurality of creating parameters for specifying meanings of the primitive data. The rhythm patterns may be created by storing a rule data base for associating a plurality of parameters specifying the features of rhythm and a plurality of rhythm patterns beforehand in a memory, entering the plurality of parameters, making reference to the rule data base on the basis of the plurality of input parameters, and creating the desired rhythm patterns by an inference system. It is also possible to create the rhythm patterns by extracting predetermined choices of at least some of a plurality of parameters specifying the features of desired rhythm for each part of a piece of music, creating rhythm patterns respectively for the parts of the piece of music from the choices extracted from the parameters for the parts of the piece of music and integrating the rhythm patterns for the entire piece of music.

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