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Method and apparatus for preparing book covers

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5364215.

Apparatus and method are disclosed for preparing a preprinted book cover for application to a book block in a perfect binding system A double-walled tubular attachment strip is adhesively attached to the cover spine portion of successive covers in a continuous process. Covers are fed onto a conveyor at a constant speed with a spacing between covers and adhesives is applied to the spine areas. Simultaneously a continuous double-walled attachment strip with a longitudinal lap joint in one wall is formed without adhesive from a source of paper web stock and pressed, lap joint down, onto the cover spines to form a continuous string of covers. The attachment strip is cut by laser cutting beam between each cover while the covers are moving. The double-walled attachment strip is formed by pulling the web under constant tension through side scoring wheels, hold-down shoes, and forming devices which have surfaces to fold the edges of the moving web through toward each other to form a lap joint, Prior to forming the double-walled strip, job information is printed on the web stock at a location which appears as the inside surface of the wall of the strip opposite the longitudinal lap joint. Laser cutting is accomplished by moving a focused cutting beam in a plane normal to the plane of the strip transversely to the direction of movement of the strip.

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