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Method of cleaning containers, a rinsing assembly and an apparatus for cleaning containers

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5363866.

The invention provides a method of cleaning containers, particularly bottles, in which the bottles to be cleaned are continuously moved in uniform spatial orientation past a row of jet nozzles ejecting a cleaning agent. Each time a bottle passes a particular jet nozzle, that jet nozzle is aligned with the bottle mouth during a certain portion of the path of motion of the bottle. This follower motion is positively effected by means of a catch member provided at the jet nozzle. The advantage of the method according to the invention lies in the fact that each jet nozzle is aligned with the bottle mouth during a relatively long period of time and, thus, is able to clean the bottle more effectively. The jet nozzle can be mounted at the end of a swiveling lever arm member being under the influence of a spring member forcing the lever member back to an initial position. A cleaning apparatus can provide a row of such jet nozzles which are swiveling independently from each other. As a conveying means for the bottles, a drag chain conveyor can be provided since the mutual distance of the bottles to be conveyed past the jet nozzles is not critical.

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