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Apparatus and method for producing electrical power

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5361377.

A method for producing electrical power from steam generated by a nuclear reactor comprising the steps of: providing a nuclear reactor engaged to a steam generator for generating steam when heated aqueous product is passed therethrough; and passing heated aqueous product through the steam generator to produce steam. The method additionally comprises passing the produced steam through a fossil fired or steam to steam superheater to superheat the produced steam; and passing the superheated produced steam through a first turbine to expand the superheated produced steam and produce steam. The produced steam from the first turbine is subsequently reheated to obtain a reheated steam. The obtained reheated steam is then passed through a second turbine coupled to a generator in order to expand the obtained reheated steam and generate electrical power with the generator. An apparatus to accomplish the method for producing electrical power from steam generated by a nuclear reactor.

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