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Support or attachment means for a sheet dispenser

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5358141.

A dispenser for flexible sheets from a stack of adhesive coated sheets disposed one on top of another. The dispenser comprises a first housing portion including a bottom wall, end walls, side walls and a first top wall portion; and a second housing portion comprising a second top wall portion mounted on the first housing portion for movement between a normal position where the top wall portions define an outlet opening for the sheets between adjacent ends, and an open position with the second top wall portion spaced from the first wall portion to afford inserting a stack of sheets into the cavity. The dispenser includes attaching means adapted for releasably attaching the dispenser to several different retaining means including a strap by which the dispenser can be secured on a user's hand or wrist; a support member adapted to be held between user's fingers; a weighted base; or a base adapted to be attached to a surface by various means such as adhesive, suction cups or magnetic material.

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