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Hydraulic retarder control system

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #5358081.

The hydraulic retarder control system comprises pressure reducing valves which can switch the pressure of the air to be supplied from a pressure air source 4 to an air/liquid conversion device 25 at least to a low pressure, an intermediate pressure and a high pressure, or a proportional electromagnetic valve 110 which can reduce and adjust the pressure of the air in a stageless manner, and running speed detect devices 100, 111 which detect the fact that the running speed of a vehicle is equal to or slower than a given running speed. When there is given a detect signal by the running speed detect devices 100, 111, then the pressure reducing valves 32, 95 or the proportional electromagnetic valve 110 are or is switched over to a pressure higher than a set pressure for running speeds exceeding the given running speed, so that the high pressure air from the pressure air source 4 can be supplied to the air/liquid conversion device 25.

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