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Device in a press casting machine and method of using such device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5351744.

A press casting machine (2) is provided with a stand (4) and a lower stationary machine table (5), from which bearers (6) project upwards, supporting an upper vertically displaceable machine table (7). A tool half (9 and 10 respectively) is connected to each machine table. These halves form, jointly with inserts, cores, etc., mounted in the halves, a parent tool (8). In order to be able to exchange inserts, to service the machine etc. the tool halves can be disconnected from and reconnected to the respective machine table through an external control, and the entire parent tool can be lifted by means of the upper machine table and be positioned on a tool carriage (60), which can be run out of the press casting machine and onto a main carriage (61), which runs on floor rails (64) and which can support a second parent tool for a quick exchange.

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