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Apparatus for threading a drawstring through a garment sleeve

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5340001.

The present invention is a drawstring threading apparatus for threading a drawstring through a drawstring sleeve in a garment. The drawstring threading apparatus includes a garment mounting assembly for stationing a garment thereto. The drawstring threading apparatus further including a double-acting, fluid cylinder mounted adjacent to the mounting assembly. Slidably mounted within the cylinder is a drawstring threader. The cylinder includes a guide tube apparatus detachably connectable to an opened end of the elongated cylinder. A fluid actuator assembly is operatively connected to the cylinder to drive the drawstring threader between a retracted position and an extended position. As the drawstring threader is driven from the retracted position to the extended position, the drawstring fastener is driveable through a drawstring sleeve formed in a garment such that the drawstring is positioned in an encircling position with the drawstring fastener extending from the drawstring sleeve. When the drawstring fastener is extended in this manner from the drawstring opening, a drawstring is attachable to the drawstring fastener and threadable through the drawstring sleeve as the drawstring threader is driven from the extended position to the retracted position.

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