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Deployable bridge and vehicle for laying the bridge

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5329652.

A deployable bridge includes a plurality of identical bridge sections each having two identical track elements. Each track element has a roadway carrier, a bottom boom and adjustment elements connecting the bottom boom with the roadway carrier. The bottom boom of each track element includes a mid section and two end sections flanking the mid section. Each track element further comprises pillars having opposite first and second ends. The first end of the pillars is articulated to the mid section of the bottom boom. Each track element also has a drive shaft assembly suspended from the track element; spindle sleeves inserted on the drive shaft assembly; and a spindle head threadedly mounted on each spindle sleeve. The pillars are articulated by the second end thereof to a respective spindle head. There are further provided coupling elements attached to opposite ends of the drive shaft assembly; and separate connecting elements for torque-transmittingly connecting the spindle sleeves with the drive shaft assembly.

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