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Apparatus and method for implanting a prosthetic acetabular cup and then testing the stability of the implant

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5320625.

An implantation instrument and methods for reliably implanting a prosthetic acetabular cup in the acetabular area of the pelvic bone during a total prosthetic hip implant operation are disclosed. Such implantation device and methods also provide means for determining the adequacy or strength of the implant.The implantation device includes means for receiving an implantation force from, for example a mallet, and imparting this force to press fit the prosthetic acetabular cup into a recess formed in the acetabular area of the pelvic bone. The apparatus also includes means for testing the strength or adequacy of the acetabular cup implant by receiving and imparting a torquing moment. Finally, the apparatus includes an alignment arm which is laterally displaced from the longitudinal axis of the apparatus, and selectively fixed or rotatably connected, in order to implant the prosthetic acetabular cup in the desired orientation.The prosthetic acetabular cup contains a threaded recess therethrough, while the implantation instrument contains a threaded tip, for releasably connecting the acetabular cup and the implantation device. The cup is able to withstand forces associated with the steps of applying an implanting force and a torquing moment to test the stability of the implant.

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