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Aircraft maintenance robot

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5318254.

An aircraft maintenance robot (20) for maintaining aircraft surfaces is described that includes a maintenance tool (228), for example a nozzle (78), conduits and a pump, which supply fluid to the maintenance tool, which sprays the fluid on aircraft surfaces; movable arm with rotatable hinges and wrists such that a manifold to which the maintenance tools are coupled may be positioned in response to control signals; and a processor which, after accounting for the position of the aircraft, the weather conditions, and the physical dimensions of the aircraft, generates the control signals used to position the maintenance tool such that, after positioning the aircraft, the maintenance operation may be performed without human intervention. The preferred embodiment of the present invention discloses the use of the maintenance robot (20) for deicing aircraft. A wide variety of interchangeable end effectors, however, may be used for a wide variety of applications. These may include various cleaning, painting, paint removing, and even firefighting applications.

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