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Pull-wire igniter for flares

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5313888.

The invention includes a pull-wire igniter for a pyrotechnic distress or signalling device which includes a hollow, elongated, tubular body which has a pyrotechnic composition mixture packed into one portion of the body and a small diameter, central passageway is formed through the pyrotechnic composition. A thin elongated plastic center tube is inserted through the central passageway. The outer end of the center tube is recessed at the outer end of the composition. An igniter cup is positioned firmly within the end of the center tube. A pull-wire device extends through the center tube and is exposed at the opposite end of the body so that the user can grasp the pull-wire. The igniter cup is partially filled with an igniter mixture and the end of the pull-wire extends through the igniter cup and is coated with a scratch material. A short section of shrink tubing is positioned over the coated end of the wire to isolate the scratch material. The exposed end of the pyrotechnic composition is covered with an easily ignitable primer material and the outer end of the tubular body is covered with a sealant, coating or membrane to seal the body of the device against moisture or other contaminants. In a second embodiment the igniter system includes a plug formed in the end of the center tube adjacent to the end of the pyrotechnic composition. The end of the pull-wire which passes through the center tube is exposed beyond the plug and is coated with a scratch material and a short section of shrink tubing is positioned over the coated end. Primer material is then formed over the end of the pyrotechnic mixture to completely close and seal the composition. The end of the igniter wire is bent over adjacent to the end of the tube and is then sealed with a membrane or coating to seal the tube against moisture or contaminants. In both embodiments, the pyrotechnic composition and primer remain sealed until the moment the pull-wire is withdrawn and the primer mixture is ignited.

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