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Rotary cutting apparatus and method for cutting newspapers or the like

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5309804.

A rotary cutter is disclosed for repeatedly cutting web printed sheet material with a printed repeat portion of finite length thereon which includes a cutting cylinder adapted for rotation in a manner such that the web printed sheet material passes thereby A cutting knife extends generally along the length of the cylinder on the outer surface for periodic engagement with a backup support cylinder for cutting the sheet material when positioned therebetween. The cutting knife is generally continuous along a major portion of the length thereof and has a minor arcuate portion which is discontinuous with the major portion so as to cut the sheet material whereby the sheet material on one side of the cutting line is provided with a straight cut portion having an arcuate projection extending therefrom and the sheet material on the other side of the cutting line is provided with a void portion corresponding in configuration and dimension to the arcuate projection. A method for cutting such newspapers is also disclosed.

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