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Massage bubble generating inflatable article

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5307529.

An inflatable article for a person to rest thereupon and which is capable of generating massage bubbles for the person when the inflatable article is immersed in water. The inflatable article is composed of at least three layers of PVC sheets which include a first layer of PVC sheet, a second layer of PVC sheet, and a third layer of PVC sheet. The first layer and the second layer are heat-sealed together at a plurality of upper joints so as to form at least one inflatable air chambers between the first layer and the second layer, with a plurality of upper and lower vent holes being, respectively, formed in those areas of the heat-bonded first layer and second layer other than the air chamber so as to communicate the water around the inflatable article with the region below the second layer. The second layer and the third layer are heat-sealed together at a plurality of lower joints so as to form at least one air passages which communicate with the water through the vent holes and are connected to an apparatus for supplying pressurized air so that pressurized air thereof may be fed through the air passage and the vent holes into the water to form bubbles in the water.

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