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Center channel speaker having multiple interconnected backload amplifying chambers for surround sound stereo audio systems

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5307418.

The present invention is a multi-chamber two-way center channel speaker for an audio system which has four stereo surround sound channels including a right front channel, a left front channel, a rear surround channel and a center channel. The preferred embodiment of the present invention center channel speaker comprises a VCR shaped cabinet having three parallel interior chambers including a front chamber, a middle and a rear chamber, all interconnected by offset openings. A tweeter and two midranges are installed in the front chamber. The rear chamber is vented through a rear opening. The volumes of the three chambers are expanded. This design and construction makes the three interconnected chambers a bass-reflex enclosure having gradually expanded volume for amplifying the backload of the two midranges. Therefore while the tweeter and the two midranges produce high and mid-frequency center channel dialogue sound effects of the audio system, the interconnected front, middle and rear chambers amplify the backload of the midranges to produce deep, rich, open and airy center channel sound effects of the audio system.

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