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Modular microprocessor-based health monitoring system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5307263.

A modular self-care health monitoring system which employs a small handheld microprocessor-based unit (12) such as a compact video game system of the type that includes a display screen (28), switches for controlling device operation (30,32,34,36,38) and a program cartridge (41,42,43) that is inserted into the handheld unit to adapt it for operation with a microprocessor-based healthcare data management unit (10) and a glucose monitor (16) (or, another type of health monitor 30,32). A modem (46), included in the microprocessor-based data management unit (10), allows data such as blood glucose level to be transmitted to a clearinghouse (54), which transmits reports to a remotely located healthcare professional (60) via facsimile transmission (55). The system is intended for use by persons of all ages, but primarily is directed to children afflicted with diabetes or other chronic ailments.

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