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Spread spectrum communications system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5303258.

A spread spectrum communications system includes: a transmitter having an input information a modulator for generating a spread spectrum signal in accordance with an input information signal together with a pseudonoise clock signal used to generate a first pseudonoise signal formed of a plurality of chips, a switch for switching on and off a locally generated carrier signal of said input information signal in accordance with the spread spectrum signal, a first means for inverting a phase of the spread spectrum signal when the value of the pseudonoise signal is equal to one, a second means for multiplying the inverted-phase spread spectrum signal by the carrier signal so as to produce a transmit signal at an output of the second means, and an output means for outputting the transmit signal from the second means so that the transmit signal is transmitted from the transmitter; and a receiver which receives the transmit signal from the transmitter, the receiver having a detector for obtaining a baseband signal from the transmit signal received at the detector, and a demodulation part for demodulating the baseband signal with a second pseudonoise signal which is generated synchronously with the transmit signal, so as to reproduce the input information signal.

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