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Vehicular distance measuring system with integral mirror display

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5303205.

A vehicular distance measuring system includes a distance measuring device for detecting a distance to an object and, in response, supplying a distance signal. An ultrasonic transducer mounted in a vehicle taillight or running light assembly is used to ultrasonically detect and range objects in back of, and along side a vehicle in which the system is installed. A display includes (i) a vehicular mirror having an image reflecting surface with a transparent window portion located therein, and (ii) a digital display mounted on the vehicular mirror and viewable through the window portion. The digital display is responsive to the distance signal for displaying the detected distance to the object. The distance measuring device includes a comparator for comparing the distance to the object with a predetermined threshold distance and, in response, supplying a display unblank signal. The digital display is responsive to the display unblank signal for selectively blanking the digital display and displaying the detected distance to the object. The display includes an illumination device such as light emitting diodes (LEDs) responsive to the display unblank signal for illuminating the digital display.

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