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Process for making preliminarily printed formed body

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5295434.

Disclosed is a process for making a preliminarily printed formed body, which is characterized in that a halftone separated rectangular printing plate is once made from a rectangular original, halftone dots of each halftone-separated image are developed on an annular plane by picture element units finer than the halftone dots to deform the shapes of the dots, an annular halftone dot image is formed based on the changes of the shapes of the halftone dots and a halftone printing plate for the annular halftone dot image is made, and this halftone printing plate is applied to a blank to be formed. According to this process undesirable formation of a striped pattern caused by the elongating flow of the blank in the height direction and the contracting flow of the blank in the circumferential direction is prevented and a strange feeling is not given to the printed image, and a faithful printed image can be reproduced.

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