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Method and arrangement for controlling the quantity of fuel for an internal combustion engine having a catalytic converter

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5293740.

The invention is directed to a method for controlling the fuel quantity for an internal combustion engine having a catalytic converter and includes the steps of: determining the air mass flow inducted by the engine; determining a precontrol variable for the quantity of fuel in dependence on current values of operating variables of the engine; presetting a desired lambda value for the air/fuel mixture to be supplied to the engine; checking the actual lambda value of the exhaust gas forward of the catalytic converter; comparing the desired lambda value to the actual lambda value to form a comparison; controlling the fuel quantity in dependence upon the comparison; determining the oxygen actual charge level of the catalytic converter; comparing the determined actual charge level to a desired charge level; and, then, when the actual charge level is greater than the desired charge level, lowering the desired lambda value to below the value one; otherwise, when the actual charge level is less than the desired charge level, increasing the desired lambda value above the value one. This method leads to the condition that very low toxic exhaust gas is produced even for transient operations since the catalytic converter almost always has sufficient storage capacity for further oxygen which occurs temporarily or adequate oxygen for combusting fuel which occurs temporarily. The invention is also directed to an arrangement for carrying out the method.

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