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Method of manufacturing a thin Hg.sub.1-x Cd.sub.x Te film

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5290394.

In a method of manufacturing a Hg.sub.1-x Cd.sub.x Te (x=0 to 1) infrared detector using GaAs as a substrate, there is provided a method of depositing a HgCdTe film that has high crystalline quality. By changing the substrate temperature, it is possible to control the plane orientation of a CdTe buffer layer formed on a GaAs (211)B substrate. When the substrate temperature is high, the buffer layer is formed with plane orientation (133) and when the substrate temperature is low, the buffer layer is formed with plane orientation (211). In the former, it is possible to form a film having high crystalline quality as compared with that of a film in the latter.

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