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Spray coating system and method

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5282573.

A flame spray coating system includes a thermoplastic resin powder supply hopper, an eductor adapted to entrain powder in a stream of conveying air, a valve disposed between the powder hopper and eductor for controlling the flow of powder from the hopper into the eductor, a flame spray gun and conduits interconnected between the flame spray gun and pressurized air and combustion gas sources for delivering flows of propelling air, conveying air, powder entrained in conveying air, and a combustible gas to the flame spray gun, and an eductor control disposed on the flame spray gun for controlling operation of the valve disposed between the powder hopper and eductor. A solid circular coating pattern is created with a nozzle constructed for twirling the entrained powder and conveying air. Interchangeable combustion nozzles of different sizes allow the same spray gun to be used for different substrate conditions.

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