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White balance adjusting apparatus for automatically adjusting white balance in response to luminance information signal and color information signal obtained from image sensing device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5282022.

Sixty-four regions are established on an image sensed picture from a video camera, where each evaluating value r.sub.ij, b.sub.ij, and y.sub.ij is obtained by averaging color difference signals R-Y and B-Y and luminance signal Y obtained from an image sensed signal over 1 field period for each region. When determination is made that luminance evaluating value y.sub.ij out of these evaluating values exceeds a predetermined value, the color evaluating values of the corresponding region are attenuated by a predetermined amount, in response to gain control signals derived from the color difference signals. As a result, the effect of an object of high luminance towards white balance adjustment is reduced.

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