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Detachable cap plaque

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5276985.

A detachable plaque for a cap having a visor and an adjoining crown portion is provided. The plaque generally comprises a flexible plastic sheet-like member having a live hinge or crease which defines a boundary between an upper portion of the sheet-like member and the lower portion of the sheet-like member, a first coupling or mating device incorporated on the upper portion of the sheet-like member for detachably engaging a mating member on the crown portion of the cap, and a second coupling or mating device incorporated on the lower portion of the sheet-like member for detachably engaging a second mating member on the visor of the cap. The first and second coupling means may be snaps and/or snap receivers, sockets and/or domed plugs, Velcro hook and/or loop fasteners, etc. In accord with one embodiment of the invention, the flexible plastic sheet has an aperture in at least the upper portion for receiving a piece of cardboard or paper on which a message or information is printed.

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