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Modular mother satellite bus for subsidiary payloads

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5271582.

Multiple subsidiary small payloads are connected to standard mechanical and electrical interfaces provided by an expendable or recoverable modular mother satellite bus (MMSB) and launched into space as an assembly acting as a common carrier providing low unit launch costs for the attached subsidiary payloads and also providing a variety of electrical, pointing, and thermal control services for these payloads after reaching orbit. These services include but are not necessarily limited to controlled separation of free-flying satellites or re-entry vehicles, regulated electric power at a variety of voltages, telemetry, computer control, payload control via time delayed pre-programmed instructions, optional real-time payload control via direct radio communication or transmission through geostationary or other communication satellite links, time-driven or event-driven control logic, mass data memory, encryption and decryption of data and commands, payload pointing, augmented heat rejection, and interconnection between subsidiary attached payloads through the data bus.

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