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Electrophotographic apparatus for formation of color image on intermediate transfer device

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #5270769.

An electrophotographic apparatus equipped with a photosensitive device rotatable which is responsive to exposure light so as to allow formation of a toner image thereon and an intermediate transfer device rotatable which is brought into contact with the photosensitive device so that the toner image formed on the photosensitive device are transferred onto a surface of the intermediate transfer device. The photosensitive device has a reference mark indicative of a predetermined position in its rotational direction and the intermediate transfer device also has a reference mark representative of a predetermined position in its rotational direction. These reference marks are detected by first and second reference position sensors, thereby measuring the rotational periods of the photosensitive device and the intermediate transfer device so as to calculate a difference therebetween. A control section controls start timings of the formations of the toner images on the photosensitive device on the basis of the calculated period difference as time periods from the time that the first reference position sensor detects the reference mark of the photosensitive device.

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