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Reel-transfer apparatus and method

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5269479.

A reel hub (5), an inside rod (70) of which can slide axially when acted upon by a seizing rod (82), forms part of the transfer apparatus (3). By bringing the transfer apparatus opposite the hub of a rotating reel (21, 20), and by withdrawing the inside rod from the hub, the hub is disengaged from a machine (1), the reel continuing to rotate with its hub fixed to the transfer apparatus. This apparatus can then be moved in directions situated in the plane of rotation of the reel and brought opposite another shaft of the machine in order to reattach the hub there by reversing the foregoing procedure. A rotating reel, especially one paying out a strip of cigarette paper, can thus be moved without subjecting the strip of paper to any torsion. Other operations relating to the automatic operation of the machine are also possible with the aid of the transfer apparatus.

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