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Vehicle side guard

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5267763.

A protective guard for demountable attachment to the side of a vehicle comprising a single panel unit fabricated of a light weight material, such as cellular polystyrene, formed generally in the shape of an elongated triangle having one internal wall section and two approximately equal converging sidewalls. The interior wall is generally flat along the longitudinal edge portions and includes a channel formed down the center from one end of the panel to the other. The end portions of the panel are slightly tapered from a pre-determined point near each end of the panel where the two side walls converge. Imbedded in the interior wall of the panel are a plurality of encapsulated magnets that are used to attach and secure the panel to the vehicle's surface. Each capsule, which is generally conical in shape, includes an annular flange disposed about the wider, open end of the capsule. The opposite, narrower end of the capsule is permanently sealed and supports therein a generally thin disc shaped magnet. The sealed end of the capsule is strategically situated and integrated with the panel so that it remains absolutely flush with the interior wall of the panel to ensure that the magnetic force of each magnet is maximized upon the vehicle surface.

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