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Medication dispenser station sub-assembly

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #5263596.

A sub-assembly for use in a medication dispenser station for controller actuated dispensing of pharmaceutical items in single quantities from locked storage and allowing rapid reloading of more items all under extreme security and heightened accountability, comprising a chassis for insertion into the cabinet for secure mounting therein, including an unlockable front reloading access door, pharmaceutical retrieval tray depending therebelow and a discharge chute opening from interior the access door down into the tray, at least one narrow stock-supporting magazine slidably mounted in the chassis extending rearward from inside the front access door for retaining a stock of pharmaceutical items in vertically oriented, front-to-rear alignment therein, an ejector interconnected the magazine for moving the forward-most pharmaceutical item in the magazine into position over the discharge chute for dispensing into the retrieval tray upon command while retaining the other items in locked storage in the magazine, a bi-sequential lock for movement through one sequence to selectively unlock the ejector from the magazine for limited inter-movement therewith to dispense a pharmaceutical item from the cabinet while maintaining all other items in locked storage, and through another sequence to release a single magazine for at least partial withdraw from the chassis for reloading and later re-insertion and, a motor driven actuator in communication with the controller for receiving data and sequence commands therefrom and cycling the bi-sequential lock through its appropriate sequence.

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