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Acoustic touch position sensor using shear wave propagation

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5260521.

An acoustic touch position sensor is shown in which a transducer coupled to a side of a substrate imparts a shear wave into the substrate for propagation along a first axis. A reflective array is disposed along the first axis to reflect portions of the shear wave along a plurality of parallel paths extending across a touch surface of the substrate to a second reflective array the axis of which is parallel to the axis of the first reflective array. The second reflective array reflects the shear waves incident thereto to a transducer mounted on the side of the substrate and responsive to shear waves propagated thereto for providing a signal representative of these shear waves. A touch on the substrate results in a partial absorption of the energy in the shear wave so as to produce a perturbation therein which is sensed to determine the axial position of the touch on the substrate. In a second embodiment a single transducer and reflective array is provided for each axis, a coordinate on which is to be determined. In a third embodiment of the present invention, a single transducer is provided to transmit and receive shear waves propagating along perpendicular parallel paths.

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