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Optical modulation method operable in an optical transmission path and an optical modulator using the optical modulation method

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #5259045.

An optical modulation method operable in an optical transmission path using an optical fiber, wherein an optical fiber bending region is formed by bending a portion of the optical fiber into a U shape having a predetermined bending width. A bending width set point is set in correspondence with a predetermined inclined portion of a characteristic curve representing a dependency ratio of insertion loss of light propagating in said optical fiber bending region relative to the bending width thereof, said predetermined inclined portion of said characteristic curve being located between a predetermined maximum and minimum portion thereof. Intensity modulation of light propagating in the optical fiber is performed using a signal to be transmitted by adjusting the bending width of the optical fiber bending region in correspondence with the signal to be transmitted with reference to the bending width set point as a center.

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