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Package of optical fiber suitable for high speed payout

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5257339.

An optical fiber package (15) includes a support surface such as a hub of a bobbin (17) for convolutions of a length of optical fiber. The optical fiber includes a light transmitting portion such as a core and a cladding with inner and outer layers of coating material disposed thereabout. The coating material comprises an ultraviolet light curable material. Disposed throughout the curable coating material of the outer layer is an adhesive constituent which after having been solidified by the exposure of the optical fiber to ultraviolet light energy and subsequent to the winding of the optical fiber into a package for use in high speed payout is subjected to heat treatment to cause the adhesive constituent of each convolution to become tacky and cause the convolutions to be tacked together. The adhesion between adjacent convolutions is less than that between inner and outer layers of the coating materials and that between the inner layer and the cladding. As a result, the convolutions are held together in the package to provide a stable package but during payout separate without causing delamination of the layers of coating material.

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