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Alternating-current generator with stator center lamination and method for producing the center lamination

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5256926.

The alternating-current generator includes a housing having two end shields, a stator bundle and a rotor mounted in the housing so as to be rotatable in the stator bundle. The stator bundle includes two bundle halves and at least one center lamination between the bundle halves. The at least one center lamination is clamped between the end shields of the housing by bolts and has an outer diameter larger than an outer diameter of the stator bundles at least in the vicinity of the bolts so that the stator bundles are not under compression forces in the assembled generator. To facilitate economical manufacture of the stator bundle each of the center laminations is made from a plurality of individual interlocking segments. Each of the segments is advantageously circular arc shaped and provided with an interlocking device for connection with adjacent segments. The interlocking device can be a projecting portion at one end face of one segment which engages in a recess formed in an adjoining end face of an adjacent segment.

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