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Dry brush cleaning apparatus and method for cleaning printing press blanket cylinders

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #5245925.

A dry brush cleaning apparatus and method for cleaning printing press blanket cylinders is disclosed. In one embodiment, the invention comprises a frame spanning the width of the working surface of the blanket cylinder; a plurality of rollers, at least one of which is secured to each end of the frame, the rollers being positioned to straddle the blanket and engage the bearer surfaces of the blanket cylinder, at least one of the rollers being a drive roller; a cleaning brush rotatably mounted on the frame; a drive interconnecting the drive roller and the cleaning brush to cause power developed by frictional engagement of the drive roller and the bearer surface to impart rotation to the cleaning brush; and a mechanism for delaying a cleaning engagement of the cleaning brush with the blanket cylinder until after power generated by frictional engagement of the drive wheel with the bearer surface has caused the cleaning brush to begin rotating.

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