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Wiper apparatus for motor vehicle

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5245259.

A wiper apparatus for wiping the windshield of a vehicle with a plurality of wiper blades operated by a plurality of wiper motors which comprises an intermittent switch, autostop switches disposed to the respective wiper motors, relays for operating the respective wiper motors in response to ON-states of the respective autostop switches, a relay driving circuit for driving the relays, a first timer circuit responsive to OFF-states of both the autostop switches for generating a first timer signal, a second timer circuit responsive to an intermittent signal from the intermittent switch and the ending edge of the first timer signal for generating a second timer signal, a third timer circuit responsive to an ON-state of either autostop switch for generating a third timer signal and holding the relay driving circuit to drive the relays, and a prohibiting circuit for forbidding and permitting the operation of the relay driving circuit according to the first timer signal and the second timer signal, respectively.

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