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Animal feeder

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5243930.

This animal feeder is demand driven since only a feeding animal will cause feed to be dispensed. An elevated hopper containing granular feed has a pair of downward extensions which decrease in cross-section downward to an opening. A pair of funnels are pivotally mounted immediately below these extensions and extend upward to bracket the extension. The funnels are oriented vertically with the large end up unless the funnel is disturbed. The small low ends of the funnels extend downward next to the feed trough bottom. A feeding animal can move a low end to either side and incline the funnel from vertical. A planar metering plate is centrally mounted within each funnel oriented such that it is horizontal when the funnel is vertical. The metering plates are located immediately below each extension, are slightly larger than the openings, and do not extend completely across the funnel. Feed from the hopper will build up on a horizontal plate surface rather than flow through the funnel. When an animal displaces a funnel the plate is inclined off horizontal to permit feed to slide off the edge through the funnel into the trough. This occurs only when an animal is feeding and displaces the funnel.

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