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Tube cut off machine

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #5243889.

A cut-off machine for cutting off predetermined lengths from a moving length of roll form material such as tubing adapted to be positioned downstream from a source comprising a plurality of cut-off assemblies which are reciprocated longitudinally of the moving length of material and operated during the movement to sever plural predetermined lengths. The reciprocating and cutting movements are derived from a differential beam pivot assembly wherein one end of the beam is driven in a linear reciprocating path by a crank and the other end of the beam is connected to reciprocate the cut-off assemblies such that they are driven at a speed corresponding to the speed of the tube at the time the lengths of tubing are cut off. The apparatus can be adjusted to cut tubes of different lengths by moving the pivot point of the differential beam. The apparatus includes a mechanism for selectively disabling the operation of the cut-off assemblies and actuating them to permit greater lengths of tubes to be cut-off.

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