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Method and apparatus for heating and delivering deicing fluids

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #5242133.

A storage tank is used to store a large quantity of pseudoplastic fluid. The fluid is stored at an ambient storage temperature. The storage tank has an outlet which is preferably a valve located on the floor of the tank. A heater is provided to rapidly heat only a portion of the fluid in the tank to a required delivery temperature estimated at between 160 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Once a portion of the fluid is heated to the appropriate temperature, the valve is opened and the heated fluid is delivered out of the tank through the valve. Heat is transferred to the fluid in a heating area creating a predetermined dynamic temperature pattern within the fluid when the outlet is in the closed position and a predetermined steady state temperature pattern within the fluid when the outlet is in the open position.The predetermined steady state temperature pattern is defined by the fluid flowing through the outlet being at the delivery temperature, the fluid flowing through a delivery area being heated to the delivery temperature, and the fluid flowing from the stored area to the delivery area being heated to approach the delivery temperature according to its relative distance from the outlet.

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