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Controlled and safe fine needle aspiration device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5241969.

A syringe holder which is uniquely designed for the diagnostic technique of fine needle aspiration used in the diagnosis of cancer and other pathological processes. The holder can be used repeatedly with a standard disposable syringe (42) and needle (44). A stabilizing ring (32), with or without a detachable extended stabilizing ring (35), is placed on the skin around the mass which is to be needled, and the needle is guided into the mass accurately as the syringe is held firmly by a syringe body holder (18) which slides on guide bars (46, 30). A vacuum is created by pulling the syringe plunger back with a plunger holder (14), and cells and tissue from the mass are sucked into the syringe as the needle is moved in an up-and-down direction by the hand holding a handlebar (10). The depth of needle penetration is controlled by limit screws (24, 26).When the sample is obtained, the vacuum is released. The needle is removed from skin, and the sample is removed from the syringe.

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