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Electrical connector for cable to circit board application

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5240430.

An electrical connector 10, for connecting individual conductors 27 of an electrical cable 28 to a printed circuit board 11, comprises electrical terminals 26 and a similarly constructed electrical terminal 50. The electrical terminal is characterized in that it has an actuator arm 32 having a first leg portion 36, a second leg portion 38, a third leg portion 40 and a joining portion 42 joining the first, second and third leg portions 36, 38 and 40. An actuator 22 is positioned in an actuation area 44 between engaging surfaces 36a and 38a which causes the electrical terminal 26 to be positioned in a home position in the insulating housing 12. As the actuator 22 is moved further into an actuation area 44, the engaging surfaces 38b and 40a move into pinched engagement with the conductor 26 of the cable 28.

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